Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Any followers out there?

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been so crazy what with school and skating. Also, I'm not entirely sure anybody reads this blog, so I'm giving you guys a deadline. One comment or follower by the end of this month or I'm not going to post hardly at all anymore. I don't want to take time to write if nobody is reading!! Also, If I do get a follower or a comment, I'm gonna post a bunch of written tutorials, so there's incentive for ya!

I'm getting a lot better at my doubles, I can land every one of them 20 % of the time except for double axel and lutz. My salchow and loop I can land more often. My skins are getting better, but, like I said before, I am not a spin person!! Haha, they are marginal at best.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Working on a program for a new show!

So there's a show December 15th I'm working on a program for, it's an Olympic thyme show, and I'm doing a rock version of the Star Spangled Banner. I'm really excited for it! Apparently, my coach and I and one other person will be the only ones doing a higher jump than an axel!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A few updates!

So, I have a few updates for you. The first thing is that I started a Facebook page. There should be a link on the top of the page, so click there to see it.

Second, I'm getting a lot more consistent with my doubles, I even have double Salchow in a program I'm doing for a show in December. I'm also starting double lutz, but no success with that yet.

Spin-wise, My layback and camel are getting a LOT better, and I have a really consistent broken leg spin.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving through my doubles!

Woo-hoo!! Landed my Axel-toe, Axel-loop, and, wait for it.... double Salchow!!! I am so excited!! It seems, though, I land my hard jumps on the night sessions when my coach isn't there, then when I'm in a lesson, I can't do crap. Seriously, I landed 2 double loops in a row the other night, and in my lesson, I couldn't do ONE. Not ONE!!! I mean, come on!!

Tonight I went skating because I thought nobody was going to be there. Sadly, I was wrong :(. I wasn't as packed as usually though, so I'm not entirely disappointed. My camel spin was a lot better, and, like I said, I landed some of my hard doubles/axel combos. I also landed my loop again once.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Landed my first double flip today!!!

So, today was my lesson day, and I didn't have any more luck with double loop but I did land double flip!!! I'm so excited because today was the first day I've ever even attempted one, and I landed it!!! Granted, it wasn't a very good landing, but still.

I posted a video on Instagram and I think I will on youTube, also.

Here's the link for My Instagram Page

Monday, October 28, 2013

Landed my first double today!!!

Drum roll please...

Today I landed my double loop for the first time! Who-hoo! I'm super excited because,

a. It's my very first double! (not counting axel, which is only one and a half rotations)
b. I only started it two weeks ago, and that's pretty good knowing me!

I landed it twice in a row, even though the first time was a little under-rotated. The second was good though, if a little wobbly.

I totally almost landed double salchow, too. 'Almost' being the key word here. I came off on the right foot and all, but my free leg swing around and toe-picked the ice. Technically I did kind of land it, just not well :p. I have a lesson tomorrow so hopefully I can land my double salchow and perfect my double loop!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I've actually got some news today!

First off, I put up a new webshow, so go check it out! And the reason I look like hell for my video is that lately my only time to post is late at night before bed, so I'm all done up in my pajamas and messy hair :p. Don't judge!! I'm planning on posting another spinner tutorial soon, also.

Secondly, I started a new thing on Instagram: 'You're a figure skater if...'. I hope you like it, and feel free to leave idea's for new posts in the comments!!! Thank you to all of my Instagram followers, also!

Okay, ready to get down to my skating news. I'm finally at the point in the season where I'm learning stuff instead of trying to get stuff back from last year. I've been working on (jump wise), double salchow, double toe loop, double loop, and according to my coach I'm going to start double flip this Tuesday. I'm scared!!! Here's kind of an overview of where I'm at with each of my jumps:

Double salchow: I actually landed it the other day, but I fell on the landing. Since then I haven't been crossing my legs right. I'm getting closer, though!! Better than last year.

Double toe loop: I'm unfortunately not anywhere close to landing this jump! I never cross my legs, it's horrible! Lately my coach has been taking a different tactic, and I pretend I'm going to do a toe-loop backspin instead of a double toe. It's helped a lot, but I'm still under-rotated.

Double loop: It pains me how close I am to landing this. For some reason, though, I keep landing on my left foot, or on both feet. Help me!!!

There you have it. I'm also working on doing an axel and jumping straight into another axel. Also,  doing on with my hands over my head off ice. I haven't had the courage to try it on ice yet, though, even though I've landed it off ice.

Spin wise, I'm pretty behind. Here's an overview:
For some reason my camel spin remains to be perfected, even though I'm working on back camel. I think my camel are close to being arch enemies.

 I'm also working on getting my sit spin all the way down, but I'm not strong enough so I'm doing a lot of thigh exercises.

Cannonball isn't really working out, so I'm hoping to get my sit spin down, then my cannonball will come after.

Sit spin, back sit spin is working out super well, but when I go straight into a back sit spin with out the initial sit spin (Sorry if that's confusing) it's not as good. I've actually gone all the way down once in a back sit. I'm going to try back cannonball soon!

Layback still evades me. Every time I bring my leg behind, I go onto my toe pick, even if I haven't leaned back yet. Any tips for this?

I've tried Camel-grab, and beillman spin, but don't tell my coach! I think she would come down on me with blades of wrath if she knew I was trying it without her!!!

Well, that's pretty much it. I'm working on my Preliminary test again, after I failed because my power threes weren't powerful enough and my spirals were too low (embarrasing, I know). I'm getting better at the power three's, though, and I've been stretching a lot so my spirals are higher. Hopefully I'll pass this time!
I'm also going to a show out of town in December, and it's Olympic themed. I'm going to do a rock version of the Star Spangled Banner!
Here's the link:

It's kind of slow in the beginning, but then it picks up speed a ton!!

Well, this post is really long now so I'd better wrap it up!

As always, remember to comment!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally getting into the groove!

I think I'm finally caught up level wise to where I was last year, and I'm happy! No more falling on lutz's (or as I like to call them, Klutz's) and sit spins, no more toe pick-y crossovers, just me, doubles, and combo spins. Oh, and my stupid Preliminary test that I'm doing. I only failed by 1/10th last year because I was super unflexible and my spirals were below my hip.

     Anyways, I haven't had a lesson for a week because my coach was gone a regionals and she didn't get back until earlier today, so my skills are not exactly fine-tuned. I did work on double Salchow for the second time since the season started, and it's as bad as ever. One time I almost landed it, I just landed on two feet, the other times my arms weren't pulling in right and I couldn't cross my feet. I might post a video if I can stand the humiliation ;).
My cannonball spin is still not exactly perfect (translation: I haven't even come close to nailing it). I've decided to work on getting my sit ALL the way down before I work on it again, and my thighs are killing me.
My layback has gotten worse since I got the new blades + skates. I can't seem to find the center of my blade when I lean back, and I overcompensate by going on my toe pick instead of falling backwards to my death.

 In other news, the poll(aka, you guys), said for me to do more tutorials. That's great, but one problem... What tutorials should I do?? Comment on any of my posts here, on youTube, or on Instagram :).

Btw, thank you to all of my followers on Instagram!! I really appreciate it :). 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Excited for those of you going to Regionals!

Congratulations to all of you going to Regionals!!! I'm not going because I have this thing where I can't skate on Saturdays and didn't know my level wasn't competing on a Saturday until the last minute. I do have 4 people from my rink traveling to Tacoma, though, including my coach!! I'm going to be watching Ice Network, cheering them on :). So, to those of you who are going, congrats and good luck!!

In other news, I skated all day yesterday and landed my Axel for the first time this season! In addition, I worked on double Salchow and layback. Layback I worked on once the season started, but not since I've gotten my new skates/blades. Suffice to say I have bruises EVERYWHERE.

Also, I'm not going to be able to post any videos on Instagram because my tablet insists on being retarded and I can't upload from anywhere else. I'll have to stick with YouTube.

Well, that's pretty much it!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thanks, guys!

Thanks to those of you who are now following me on Instagram! It means a ton :). I'm going skating here in a little bit so I'll post some of those jump and spin videos unless my tablet is being stupid, which happened last time I posted videos.

Shout-out to:


for following me!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My life on ice now on Instagram!!!!!!

I just made an Instagram account to make another way for all of you to keep track of my posts. I know that I look on Instagram a lot more than I look at Blogger or youTube! I'll be posting a lot of pics of skating as well as videos. Plus, I might just make videos of every jump and spin up to the ones I'm learning in case anyone needs a visual aide on how to do it. 

As well as pics and videos, I will also provide a link to some really cool figure skating Instagrams. Just check out who I'm following if you want to see them.

If you want to see it, go to the page link underneath the banner on the top, or follow me at mylifeonice 

Anyways, that's pretty much it. PLEASE follow and like my stuff on Instagram!! Anything is appreciated :).

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sorry for the wait, guys!

Hey guys, I'm back after a long week of no ice! Haven't skated yet, but will at the latest Tuesday morning. The most exciting skating/related news I have is that I got my right splits down and almost my Chinese splits(my knees are touching the ground). Sorry I haven't done a video in a while!

See ya, and remember to comment!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My life on ice: Warming up to the new skates

Sorry it's taken me so long to post, it's been busy. I don't know how soon I'll be able to do a webshow, but I'd figure I'd do a written 'report', haha.

     I got my new skates a couple days ago! The first night I skated in them they weren't sharp enough, so I was practically sliding around and learning the most basic things (try SKATING FORWARD) all over again. The next day, though, I got them sharpened and got pretty used to them.  I was trying to do my first Axel of the season that day, though, and I took off sideways and landed on my tailbone. Yes, it hurt, but it feels fine now :)

Today I'm a little sick so I figured I would catch up on this blog. I'll be gone on vacation for the next week, which is unfortunate because I'll miss an exhibition plus logging in with you guys on here, but I'll get through it!

Anyways, that's all for now, just remember to comment!!

P.S.: I will do a video ASAP!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Decided on the backround image!

So, after much consideration, I decided to go with the original image. Thank you all for helping with the decision!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Warm-up tutorial

So I just got back from skating, and I figured I would do a video on a basic On-Ice warm up. I decided not to do too much of a written tutorial because it's kind of hard to explain, so the written one is less detailed than the video.

First, before you put on your skates, roll and stretch both of your ankles. Next, when you're on the ice, do a lap in each direction. When you're done with that, go to the boards and stretch your thighs, hips, and hamstrings most importantly (Exact stretches show on video). After you're done stretching (hold each stretch for 10 seconds at least), start with some basic footwork like edges and three turns, then basic jumps (Waltz jump, Salchow, etc.) and basic spins (one foot spin, scratch spin, back spin, etc.).

You should be fully warmed up! For cool down, I don't usually stretch (even though I probably should), but I do a couple slow laps around the ice.

Video link:

My life on ice: Warm up tutorial

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of skating!

 So yesterday was my first day of skating since June! Very fun, but I was so out of practice! I missed the first week of skating because I was out of town, so everyone else was already warmed up and doing doubles and stuff and I felt so left behind! I went into skating in the morning from 12:00 -1:45, stayed at the rink for 2 hours while hockey practice was going on, then skated from 4:15 - 5:15 at OFS.

    It was a better practice at OFS because I was already warmed up, but it still wasn't great. I pretty much went through all the half jumps and singles (didn't try axel), and some simple spins. The only thing I practiced that I hadn't completely gotten down the previous year was layback spin.

I'll tell you one thing, though, I am VERY sore, especially in my thighs and lower back. I'm giving my muscles a day of rest today, then skating again tomorrow.

Link to new My life on Ice video:

My life on ice: Just started skating in the new season!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Skating bag must-have list

So, for the new year, I decided to splurge and buy a brand-spanking-new Zuca. So, since my old bag was so small, I had to buy some stuff to fill the many pockets of the new bag. In this post I'll include a skating bag must-have list.

1. Guards - Everyone needs a pair of these! If you have enough room, it's even good to include a spare set. (You can buy them here)
2. Soakers - Just as important as guards. You don't want your blades to rust! (Buy them here!)
3. Gloves - Even if you never fall (doubtful, haha), your finger's will get very cold without these. Spares are a must here, too! (Buy gloves at any Walmart or here)
4. Hat - Even if you're at a higher level and don't get cold as much (it's happening to me more and more), a hat is a must-have if you're having an off day. (You can buy a great one here!)
5. Old tights - Everybody who has ever performed has a pair of old, ripped tights! Keep 'em in case you ever want to practice in a dress!
6. Extra headbands, barrets, hair tie's, etc. - Never know when you'll need one! (Buy good headbands here)
7. Little Phillip's screwdriver - Never know when a screw will come loose!(One your skate, that is) (Buy one at any Walmart!)
8. Padding! - This is a must-have for every skater, especially if you're doing more advanced jumps. (Buy the shorts here, or for something cheaper, stuff your pants with sponges)

Well, that's it for now! If you think of anything, comment!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My life on ice webshow: Getting ready for the new season!

My life on ice: Getting ready for the new season!

Not much happens in this episode, I pretty much just talk about changes to my rink and club, and this blog! Still, check it out if you want, and remember to leave plenty of comments!!

Need advice on Blog template!

Okay, so I just created this blog and I'm trying to customize it a little more! I'm considering changing the background, what do you think of this:

Leave a comment, or participate in the poll!!


Hey, guys! I'm creating this blog in addition to my webshow on youtube
(First episode:

I don't know why I'm doing this, I guess just for fun, and to offer skaters like me something to read!

About me:

I'm a teenager, and I live in a small town with a small rink (unfortunately, because the rink closes every summer). Right now, I'm only at Pre-Preliminary level because the first time I've ever tested was last year. However, the highest jump I'm consistent at right now is Axel, and I'm working on my Double Salchow and Double toe loop. The spins I'm working on: Layback, Cannonball, and once I tried flying camel (shh, don't tell my coach!).

If anyone needs me to post any tutorials or give any advice, just leave a comment, I'd be happy to!

Well, that's about it! Be sure to check out my webshow, too. My Youtube name is anniepeace10.