Monday, August 26, 2013

Skating bag must-have list

So, for the new year, I decided to splurge and buy a brand-spanking-new Zuca. So, since my old bag was so small, I had to buy some stuff to fill the many pockets of the new bag. In this post I'll include a skating bag must-have list.

1. Guards - Everyone needs a pair of these! If you have enough room, it's even good to include a spare set. (You can buy them here)
2. Soakers - Just as important as guards. You don't want your blades to rust! (Buy them here!)
3. Gloves - Even if you never fall (doubtful, haha), your finger's will get very cold without these. Spares are a must here, too! (Buy gloves at any Walmart or here)
4. Hat - Even if you're at a higher level and don't get cold as much (it's happening to me more and more), a hat is a must-have if you're having an off day. (You can buy a great one here!)
5. Old tights - Everybody who has ever performed has a pair of old, ripped tights! Keep 'em in case you ever want to practice in a dress!
6. Extra headbands, barrets, hair tie's, etc. - Never know when you'll need one! (Buy good headbands here)
7. Little Phillip's screwdriver - Never know when a screw will come loose!(One your skate, that is) (Buy one at any Walmart!)
8. Padding! - This is a must-have for every skater, especially if you're doing more advanced jumps. (Buy the shorts here, or for something cheaper, stuff your pants with sponges)

Well, that's it for now! If you think of anything, comment!

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