Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hey, guys! I'm creating this blog in addition to my webshow on youtube
(First episode:

I don't know why I'm doing this, I guess just for fun, and to offer skaters like me something to read!

About me:

I'm a teenager, and I live in a small town with a small rink (unfortunately, because the rink closes every summer). Right now, I'm only at Pre-Preliminary level because the first time I've ever tested was last year. However, the highest jump I'm consistent at right now is Axel, and I'm working on my Double Salchow and Double toe loop. The spins I'm working on: Layback, Cannonball, and once I tried flying camel (shh, don't tell my coach!).

If anyone needs me to post any tutorials or give any advice, just leave a comment, I'd be happy to!

Well, that's about it! Be sure to check out my webshow, too. My Youtube name is anniepeace10.


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