Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally getting into the groove!

I think I'm finally caught up level wise to where I was last year, and I'm happy! No more falling on lutz's (or as I like to call them, Klutz's) and sit spins, no more toe pick-y crossovers, just me, doubles, and combo spins. Oh, and my stupid Preliminary test that I'm doing. I only failed by 1/10th last year because I was super unflexible and my spirals were below my hip.

     Anyways, I haven't had a lesson for a week because my coach was gone a regionals and she didn't get back until earlier today, so my skills are not exactly fine-tuned. I did work on double Salchow for the second time since the season started, and it's as bad as ever. One time I almost landed it, I just landed on two feet, the other times my arms weren't pulling in right and I couldn't cross my feet. I might post a video if I can stand the humiliation ;).
My cannonball spin is still not exactly perfect (translation: I haven't even come close to nailing it). I've decided to work on getting my sit ALL the way down before I work on it again, and my thighs are killing me.
My layback has gotten worse since I got the new blades + skates. I can't seem to find the center of my blade when I lean back, and I overcompensate by going on my toe pick instead of falling backwards to my death.

 In other news, the poll(aka, you guys), said for me to do more tutorials. That's great, but one problem... What tutorials should I do?? Comment on any of my posts here, on youTube, or on Instagram :).

Btw, thank you to all of my followers on Instagram!! I really appreciate it :). 

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