Monday, October 28, 2013

Landed my first double today!!!

Drum roll please...

Today I landed my double loop for the first time! Who-hoo! I'm super excited because,

a. It's my very first double! (not counting axel, which is only one and a half rotations)
b. I only started it two weeks ago, and that's pretty good knowing me!

I landed it twice in a row, even though the first time was a little under-rotated. The second was good though, if a little wobbly.

I totally almost landed double salchow, too. 'Almost' being the key word here. I came off on the right foot and all, but my free leg swing around and toe-picked the ice. Technically I did kind of land it, just not well :p. I have a lesson tomorrow so hopefully I can land my double salchow and perfect my double loop!

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