Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving through my doubles!

Woo-hoo!! Landed my Axel-toe, Axel-loop, and, wait for it.... double Salchow!!! I am so excited!! It seems, though, I land my hard jumps on the night sessions when my coach isn't there, then when I'm in a lesson, I can't do crap. Seriously, I landed 2 double loops in a row the other night, and in my lesson, I couldn't do ONE. Not ONE!!! I mean, come on!!

Tonight I went skating because I thought nobody was going to be there. Sadly, I was wrong :(. I wasn't as packed as usually though, so I'm not entirely disappointed. My camel spin was a lot better, and, like I said, I landed some of my hard doubles/axel combos. I also landed my loop again once.

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